on spitfiyah

October 29, 2014

I’ll be on Montreal’s McGill community radio station CKUT 90.3FM talking about my film and my thoughts on being a female filmmaker in Montreal. Thanks to Victoria Nam at Spitfiyah for having me as their studio guest.
Oh and it’s also CKUT’s funding drive
Tune in tonight (wed oct 29 2014) at 6pm at CKUT.CA or it will be archived here


October 24, 2014

Check it! Paige and I at 00:40

PROPS to Epher Heilland (director of the video clip)
PIERRE KWENDERS – Mardi Gras (Feat. Jacobus)

The theme is mathematics

February 27, 2014

The theme is mathematics.
This morning, a photojournalist on the radio said that he uses geometry and symmetry to photograph the world. The voice suggested the composition in powerful and iconic images have perhaps more implicit values than explicit.
This same morning, I was jumping on a trampoline in a room with other people jumping on trampolines and we all intentionally synched up our jumps. It was pretty wild: floating and landing at the same time.
Instead of focusing on the landing, I focused on the floating.
And I cherished the air-time like how I cherish the pause in between breaths, or the moment when my left foot crosses my right foot when I walk.
This afternoon, I was in conversation with some yoga teacher colleagues about language and speech. We began to think about the rhythm of language when addressing ways to fluidly move from English to French and back again: bonjour – hi – hello – allo. The application of language is in the news today too. What is in the news feels stagnating though… not fluid.
And from this, one friend revealed that her favourite authors were also mathematicians. She knows only that the rhythm of their prose will draw her in. She said: “they have this way of creating that rhythm with the words… the right amount of verbs… so that you’re just drawn into that space… I never really understood why.”
And so,
the theme is mathematics.

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